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  • HDMI Mini LCD Radič Rada Pre 1920x1080 11.6" 13.3" 14" 15.6" 17.3" 30P eDP LCD doprava zadarmo
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HDMI Mini LCD Radič Rada Pre 1920x1080 11.6" 13.3" 14" 15.6" 17.3" 30P eDP LCD doprava zadarmo



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HDMI Mini LCD Controller Board For 1920x1080 11.6" 13.3" 14" 15.6" 17.3" 30P eDP LCD

LCD Controller Board:

HDMI Board Work for 30Pin EDP LCD Screen

Input Power Adapter: 12Vdc More than 2A.

Come In Standby Model When Not Input Signal

Standby Model

Audio Input: 2HDMI Mini

Audio Output: Earphone

OSD: Brightness Contrast VOL+ VOL- Language And So On

Language: English French German Spanish Italian And So On

Board Size:82mm x 60mm x 5mm

Compatible Work With:

11.6inch 1920x1080:


13.3inch 1920x1080:


14inch 1920x1080:

B140HAN01.0 B140HAN01.1 B140HAN01.2 B140HAN01.3

15.6inch 1920x1080:

B156HAN01.1 B156HAN01.2 B156HTN03.0 LP156WF4-SP N156HGE-EA1

NV156FHM-N31 NV156FHM-N41 LTN156HL01 LTN156HL06-C01

LTN156HL07-401 LTN156HL09-401 LTN156HL02-201

17.3inch 1920x1080:

N173HCE-E31 N173HGE-E11 N173HGE-E21 B173HTN01.0

B173HTN01.1 LP173WF4-SPD1 LP173WF4-SPF1 LP173WF4-SPF2

LP173WF4-SPF3 LP173WF4-SPF4 LTN173HL01-401


Fit To Commonly 30Pin eDP LCD Screen


Fit To VVX11F009G00 VVX13F009G00 NV133FMM-N59

Please note! !! !!


* Installation guide not included, We are not responsible for any damage caused by installation of this accessory, please be sure you know how to install before bidding, thank you for your kindly understanding!

* We just cannot guarantee what you have received that will be compatible with the tablet,

* Please DO NOT purchase if you don't accept an A + grade compatible touch screen digitizer with different flex cable numbers like our title / description / photo joined is out of power in the market, thanks!

We test all products before sending.But we can't control everything, and the screen is easily damaged during transportation.Therefore, test the product before installation.If you find some problems, please don't install and contact us.If you have not tested the installation, we will not provide after sales service and refund service.We are not responsible for any problems that occur during the installation process.

Why choose us?

We have more than 10 years of experience in the electronics industry and our products are selling well in both domestic and offshore markets.

1. Bulk orders will be provided to you at an acceptable low price.

2. Wide range of parts, please visit our store to see more.

3. Fast Delivery-Most items will be shipped within 24 hours. 4. Provide extensive after-sales support through messages, emails, etc.

5. Friendly return policy.

Warranty terms and return policy:

We do not provide warranty for these products

1. Regarding missing / defective parts, please notify us within 7 days after receiving the item, and we will arrange to reship the item.

2. The buyer should exchange it with us by email before returning the item, so that the buyer bears the shipping and handling costs, and the item must also be

3. When returning goods, please put them in the box and packing box.

We will refund the part immediately after receiving the part, the shipping fee is not refundable, and the shipping fee will be paid by the buyer.

When the problem can satisfy you

Please leave the accessories to professionals.

Our screens have been well tested before shipment.

After you encounter a problem, follow these steps

Please record video

1. Make sure the motherboard is working properly, then install and install it properly.

2. Model and fragile label can be seen in the video with our company logo (QMY)

3. If you cannot use it correctly according to the operation, we will process the answer as soon as possible.

As long as the confirmation is our reason, our company will bear the responsibility.

Thank you for your cooperation!

delivery time:

1. The following are estimated delivery times to different countries (estimated only, not guaranteed):

2. US / UK / Australia 7-30 working days.

3. 7-35 working days in Canada.

4. France / Spain / Germany may take 7-30 working days.

5. Eastern Europe may take up to 16-30 working days.

6. Italy / Brazil / South America may take up to 30-50 working days.

7. DHL Express shipping: 7-12 working days (additional cost required)

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O Qimengyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd .:

Qimenyan Electronic Technology Co., S.r.o.Naše hlavné produkty patria: 2,5 palca-10.4 palcov alebo LCD (liquid crystal display) a dotyková obrazovka, všetky deti alebo ručné zariadenia, LCD a dotykovou obrazovkou, rôzne priemyselné LCD obrazoviek, zdravotnícke zariadenia, LCD obrazovky, GPS a Auto LCD displej.Prepínanie napájania

  • Kompatibilné Značky: Univerzálny
  • Jazyk: Anglický Francúzsky Nemecký Španielsky Taliansky A Tak Ďalej
  • Druh: TFT
  • Dosky veľkosť: 82mm x 60 mm x 5 mm
  • Typ Produktu: LCD Tablet
  • Screen Type: Kapacitný Displej
  • OSD: Jas Kontrast Auto Jazyk, A Tak Na
  • Veľkosť Displeja: > > 13 Palcov
  • Audio Vstup: 2HDMI Mini

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